Guaranteed Organic Apparel

Organic Apparel

At Royal Apparel, we work with textile suppliers and farmers to assure that your organic t shirts at wholesale are reliably 100% organic cotton apparel that is sweatshop free! Since we manufacture apparel in the USA, and deal directly with textile suppliers and other companies in our supply chain, we know where our fabrics come from, thus allowing us to ensure organic cotton t shirts, V-necks, crews, pullovers, and a wide range of other varieties of garments. We provide standard sizes to fit most adult males and females, teens, youths and even toddlers (particularly, with our popular lapover designs).

Organic T Shirts Wholesaler and Manufacturer Royal Apparel Sells Direct to Businesses—Contact Royal Apparel

Call Royal Apparel Toll-Free: (866) 769-2517
Business Fax Line: 631-922-8438

Business-to-Business Wholesale Accounts

Royal Apparel supplies clothing lines, retailers, chain stores and independent clothiers with a wide range of comfortable, fashionable shirts. So that you can take advantage of pricing discounts and shipping options, we recommend that you set up a wholesale account today if you do not have an account with us. You are eligible for free truck freight shipping rates in the contiguous US. We also offer other shipping means. Additionally, with a wholesale account, you can purchase bulk orders, inventory stock items, blank t shirts and apparel, organic t shirts wholesale, or custom-manufactured or finished specialty garments. For finishing garments, we offer wholesale accounts many options including:

  1. Wide range of sizes for adult males and females
  2. Sizing for teens, youths and even toddlers on many styles
  3. Wide range of colors or you can order blanks
  4. 100% organic cotton t shirts at wholesale
  5. Premium knit manufactured domestically in the USA
  6. Custom or specialty manufacturing services
  7. Private labels and re-labeling services

Royal Apparel also provides retail sale apparel and shirts through our online catalog store. Additionally, there are frequently clearances as styles change throughout the year and from year-to-year. We welcome B2B account holders to  learn more about our fabrics and product details for stock and custom apparel.

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Be sure to setup your wholesale account today, so, your company can take advantage of bulk or organic t shirts at wholesale pricing along with our shipping rates for wholesale, B2B sales.

Contact Royal Apparel Today for Orders of Organic T Shirts, Wholesale

Call Toll-Free: (866) 769-2517
Business Fax: 631-922-8438

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