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American Clothes Manufacturer Produces Muscle Tank(s); Wholesale Pricing Is Available

Royal Apparel is a U.S. manufacturer of various styles of clothes including styles of Muscle Tank(s) at wholesale, tank tops and similar cuts at wholesale, or we can offer business customers custom manufacturing or finishing services.  We produce a wide range of clothing available from our inventory stock.  Blank that we produce can of course by custom-finished including options like printing or embroidery.  We are committed to manufacturing eco-friendly clothing for our business and retail customers, as well as producing custom organic apparel (wholesale) available direct.  Royal Apparel is committed to using sustainable fabrics for a wide range clothing styles, and we are even making sustainable, fashionable, comfortable, and practical clothes using various traditional fabrics combined with organic fabrics.  We use 100% certified organic cotton, organic bamboo, organic hemp, and fabric blends comprised of our organic fabrics with our other fabric styles.  We even offer a comfortable, recycled Polyester and plastic fiber fabric, or RPET fabric, which is also available in some of our sustainable fashion items.

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Also, Royal Apparel is an ASI member.  Therefore, we produce high-quality sustainable clothing brands that meets or exceeds industry standards, specifically for clothes meeting ASI organic apparel specifications, or ad specialty requirements.  You can rest assured that your clothes manufacturer is also committed to supplying our business customers American-made, “sweatshop free” clothing at wholesale.  We are a “sweatshop free” clothing manufacturer.  Your business may contact Royal Apparel or call us direct at 866-769-2517.

Muscle Tank (Wholesale), Unisex Tank Tops, Activewear and Related Styles

muscle tank wholesale

Business customers or retail customers may want to look at each specific product listed below (and product categories after the first list) to see if it is the right style of muscle tank tops at wholesale to meet your resale requirements.  You can search the Royal Apparel online store, look through product category sections, or you or the business that you represent may download the current Royal Apparel product catalog. You may try searching our online store for “muscle tank” or “tank tops” or similar keywords for our options for muscle tank (wholesale), tank tops, or other garment styles and cuts.

Options for our Muscle Tank at wholesale include:

  • Unisex 2X1 Rib Tank #4051
  • Unisex Fine Jersey Tank Top #5058
  • Unisex Bamboo Organic Tank Top #73058
  • Unisex Triblend Tank Top #20058
  • Women's Bamboo Organic Muscle #73126
  • Women's Bamboo Organic Raw Edge Tank Top #73008
  • 2X1 Rib Tank Dress #4004
  • Women’s Triblend Raw Edge Tank Top #20008
  • Women's Triblend Tank Top #20010
  • 2X1 Rib Tank Top #4001
  • 2X1 Rib Tunic Tank #4003
  • Organic 2X1 Rib Tank #4001ORG
  • Infant 2X1 Rib Tank #4031
  • Organic Infant 2X1 Rib Tank #4031ORG
  • Toddler 2X1 Rib Tank #4061
  • Youth 2X1 Rib Tank #4025

Or, you may want to review products including our Muscle Tanks at wholesale.  You can review tank tops in the following categories as well:

Buy Your Muscle Tank(s) Wholesale or Choose Other Sustainable Fashions for Custom Clothing Production

Also, we encourage business customers (wholesale) or retail customers to learn about Royal Apparel’s innovative fabric blends, and also review Royal Apparel’s sizing chart/product dimensions and specifications to find the right fit.  Business customers may purchase inventory stock muscle tank(s) at wholesale, request and purchase blanks or single color shirts, or request custom clothes manufacturing and finishing services to meet your specific needs and demands for private labels (re-labeling services), or for stylish eco-fashions.

We would like to let you know that we produce other types of sustainable fashions in the U.S.A. including Triblend fabric and an environmentally-friendly version), recycled Polyester and plastic fibers fabric, or RPET, fine Jersey-style fabric, fleece, and other fabrics combined with organic cotton such as our organic viscose bamboo clothes learn more about our wholesale viscose bamboo clothing.  Another type of sustainable fabric is our blend of organic viscose hemp and organic cotton, that is correct, Royal Apparel is now a viscose hemp clothing wholesaler!  Or garments that are organic or have a blend with an organic fiber or fabric offers businesses the option of promoting environmentally-friendly clothing brands for one store, for distributors or suppliers, or even for large private labels or retail clothing stores.

We have placed considerable effort in moving a large section of our given inventory on-hand to more sustainable fashions.  And, we also have a variety of our traditional fabrics such as 100% Polyester blanks, which are ideal for the sublimation dyeing process or silkscreen printing.

Contact Royal Apparel for Inventory Stock Muscle Tank(s) at Wholesale, for Purchases or for Clothes Manufacturing

Contact Royal Apparel about our wholesale pricing ratesset up a wholesale account with Royal Apparel to purchase any of our Muscle Tank Tops at wholesale, to purchase blanks, to purchase any of inventory stock and that includes any and all of our wide inventory of sustainable clothing brands, styles, or to request custom manufacturing of garments that meet your own private label, resale or retail requirements.  And, feel free to discuss your fabric options including various blends so that your business or store is well-stocked with organic, sustainable apparel and eco-fashions.  Business customers may purchase inventory stock at wholesale, or request blanks as well.

For completely custom manufacturing orders, we do need your tech-packs or designs and specifications.  We can offer businesses quick turnaround times on sample garment production.  And, once a custom garment sample is approved, we can offer customers quick turnaround times on full production runs.

Once again, please review the Royal Apparel online store where you can review our products, set up a wholesale account, purchase inventory stock including organic or sustainable fashions, or order Muscle Tank(s) at wholes, other styles of tank tops, or other types of clothes, shirts or pants.  Business customers may reach us with any of your questions about our sustainable clothing options, fabrics, fabric blends, private label or branding solutions, or other to purchase inventory products.  You may call Royal Apparel at 866-769-2517.

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